Monday, September 7, 2015

My girls in their sailboat dresses

My girls look so different to me, but for some reason, people regularly ask me whether they're twins.  In their defense, my girls are frequently dressed in matching outfits.  People ask why I have them match.  I feel like matching is cute, as long as their little personalities still shine through.  To that end, I let the girls dictate how i do their hair, what kind of bows, etc they get, and they always pick their own shoes.  They also choose whether to have leggings/capris/pants, etc.  

Emmy and Tessa have been fighting almost since the day Amethyst was born, but I am not catching glimpses of a friendship.  Oh, how I hope I can fan the flames.  I loved the photos showing them being friends here.  Emmy is always cold (and invariably puts pants with her dress.)  She also loves her sneakers and shoes, while Tessa was giddy to get her very own pair of big girl flip flops.  She insisted I cut off the straps that hold them on in the back, because the big girls didn't have those.  She has trouble wearing them, but I guess that's how they learn. The look SO cute on her tiny feet.  

 This is not some "glow" setting or soft focus... this was the freaking humidity that kept fogging up my lens.  It made me CRAZY.  UGH.

 Like the younger girls, Dora chose her pants and shoes.  She wanted capris, and "church" shoes, not the "crappy" ones the younger two had on.  So funny.

 My little "triplets."


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